Flow of use

STEP 1: Inquiry from mail form

Please inquire from each service menu.
If there is no service item, you can contact us from this inquiry form.
Please feel free to contact us.

* Current telephone correspondence is not done. Also we do not make quotation by visiting or meetings.

STEP 2: Estimate

We will prepare a quotation based on your consultation content. It is almost as specified on HP.
If you have any questions, please contact us at this time.

STEP 3: Formal application

If you agree with the quotation, please contact us again.
I will make an official application by notifying you again and a signature from the customer.

* Staff will be provisionally secured even at this point.

STEP 4: advance payment

I will make it payment in advance.

Please pay with credit card within 3 days from application.


If payment can be confirmed, I will surely secure the staff I was planning.
If you do not have money, temporary reserve and staff securing will be released.

Even in the case of previous day / the same day request, we have received payment cards before service provision. If there is no authentication, we will treat it as canceled and the scheduled staff will be released. If you can confirm payment, we will provide the service.

※ Please be assured we will not be notified of the credit card number.

STEP 5: Service provision / work implementation

The staff in charge will visit your designated location and provide services.
Before starting the service, we will check the working hours and service contents, and if there is no mistake it will start work.

Also, if your time is likely to exceed the original schedule, we will explain the excess fee etc in advance and ask customer’s request.

※ Please understand beforehand that it may not be possible to extend the time according to the reservation situation of the day.

STEP 6: Completed service

Depending on the details of the request, we will send you a work report at a later date.
Staff may ask you for a questionnaire after termination of service.
Please cooperate in order to improve the service.


STEP 7: After Follow

Please feel free to contact us for consultation after use.

Daiko Lady will support you.

▼ Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

Inquiry form

※ We will reply within 24 hours.